Economic Ideas

Are you looking for a touch of class without breaking the bank? We have the answer. Check out the the cost effective ideas below:

Different sizes of the same economic tiles add variety any combination of two or more sizes can be used

times 2

Use regular floor tiles on the walls turning the top half on diagonal adds style, while keeping the cost down

diagonal tile adds style

One row of glass makes these economic floor tiles look nice

enlaid glass adds an accent

One box of granite tiles was cut into strips for the bullnose and a few dots inserted to enhance this tile

granite tile adds enhancements

Glass inserts enhance a travertine shower. notice also the soap compartment underneath the shampoo shelf

travertine shower with soap compartment

A mural or other decorative inlays can be surrounded by economic field tiles to draw attention to your centerpiece

decorative enlay

Small tiles on a mosaic mesh can be added to break up the monotony. also notice the chair rail stone

small mozaic mesh can add an accent

Glass inserts and metal liners enhance an affordable white field tile

enhancements to tile with glass and metal

Soap and shampoo shelves

soap and shampoo shelves

My moms kitchen! we used 18 inch tiles turned diagonally. we enhanced this economic tile with a few sheets of mosaic stones for the counter edge and dots

moms house

Staggered 4x4 tumbled marble make a simple but elegant backsplash

staggered marble

Staggered layout with a white diagonal field for the inlay

staggared layou

Floor tiles can be set straight, staggered, or diagonal--or any combination of the three

staggered formations are pleasant as well

Different colors of the same size can add variety--especially for bigger floors

sifferent colors sizes add variety

Economic ideas travertine 16

economic ideas travertine 16
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