Stand Up Flooring Installation

Here at get down flooring we don't actually believe in getting down unless we absolutely have to. 

We do much of our work standing up. 

Now I know many of you old timers are going to stop reading about right now because you know it has to be done on your knees. 

But you also know that you're gonna get a knee replacement someday!   Think about it . 

Many companies do  work on the ground without kneeling. Paver companies, landscapers, concrete installers. 

Now I'm a second generation tile installer and I understand that there are parts of the trade that you have to be down on your knees to see properly.  But there are many aspects of the job that can be done standing up.  For both mud set and thin set applications we only spend about 5 percent of the time down on our knees. 

My philosophy is I want to do this for many more years. I don't want to be that grumpy old installer popping 3 ibuprofen before he goes to work.  There is enough hard manual labor involved in tile setting for me to do any extra work. 

I have invented several tools and modified others to create a whole new method. 

It usually takes me about a month to train a new employees who were a previous tile installer. 

There are relatively easy techniques that are needed to use this method. I am willing to train people. 

What took me years of experiments and modifications to learn can be passed on to you in very little time. 

These methods will

  • get you off your knees,
  • give you a cutting edge in the market
  • speed up your production
  • and keep you doing the trade for many more years to come.

Get Down Flooring is an hour and a half from Disney World in Orlando Florida. You can get hands on training while your family is at Disney world.

Contact us to schedule your training today!

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